Artificial Intelligence

How can we use Artificial Intelligence to make our life easier during this Pandemic?
Joel Amaldas
Grade 6


How can artificial intelligence help us in our daily lives during this pandemic? Ever since covid took over, we had to go into lockdown, wash our hands more often, and wear a mask. It has been very hard to communicate with one another in-person because of the fear of catching the corona virus. If we couldn't hold doors and touch high-risk areas, artificial intelligence comes to the rescue. So how can we use it to our benefit?


With a robotic arm, we can open doors, hold items, or even possibly inject covid vaccines! A motor can make it grab things. An IR obstacle sensor is used to detect objects in front of them. They emit infrared light, which of some radiation reflects off the object, then goes back to the sensor. The automatic water tap can help save water, reduce the spread, and keep it clean for somebody else to use it. The motor inside it helps the valve to shut on or off. It also uses the IR sensor to detect if the hand is there so it only washes your hand, so water is not wasted. Both of these is works with the arduino nano, a small but easy to work with robotic micro-controller motherboard. It works with code, and is being controlled based on human behaviour input coming from the sensor.


When the sensor detects motion, it triggers the motor which makes the mechanism that is connected move. The automatic water tap can open it's valve and close it, if it recieves data from the sensor. If a different motor is used, most probably it would be a bigger turn, or a smaller turn. The motors can move smoothly, unless if it is blocked in some way. Sometimes, if used too much, the motors can jam in the middle. If only used few times, it can work.


Artificial intelligence, if used wisely, can help stop the spread and save lives. The robotic arm can help grab objects in high-risk areas, and the automatic water tap can help save water and make it easier to clean our hands without getting more dirty. Since AI is not human, it cannot catch the virus and can help us make life easier. Because the virus spreads too quickly, the knowledge of robotics can help us be more safer in this pandemic.



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I would like to thank my parents, my sister, my school coordinator, my principal, my class teacher, my resources teacher, and all the other people who have helped me to make this project possible.