Homemade Plasma Cutter

I propose to build the latest and greatest homemade scientific device know to mankind, under the complete supervision of my dad, that will cut thin aluminium foil in half
Mariana MacDougall
Grade 7


To build a mini plasma cutter at home and see if it will cut through metal ( aluminum foil )


Step 1: research 

step 2 : build prototype 

step 3 : Test

step 4: record results and share learnings













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STEP 1​Collect the following items: aluminum foil, sandwich container, five 9V batteries, 0.7mm pencil lead and a set of positive/negative wires with alligator clips.


STEP 2​wrap a piece of aluminum foil around the sandwich container and make a ‘connecting tab’.


STEP 3​Connect one end of the negative (black) cable to the aluminum ‘connecting tab’. Connect one end of the positive (red) cable to the pencil lead and keep it far away from the aluminum foil.


STEP 4​Build a ‘battery pyramid’ by connecting the 9V batteries together in series. To do this, connect the negative terminal of one battery to the positive terminal of another battery. Keep doing this until you have 3 batteries on the bottom and 2 batteries on top. The ‘battery pyramid’ will have an empty negative terminal on one side and an empty positive terminal on the other side. The voltage of the ‘battery pyramid’ should measure between 44-49V.


STEP 5​Make sure the positive (red) cable attached to the pencil lead is far away from the aluminum foil. Carefully attach the other end of the positive (red) cable to the positive terminal of the ‘battery pyramid’ and the other end of the negative (black) cable to the negative terminal of the ‘battery pyramid’. Your 45V plasma cutter is powdered and ready to cut. With adult supervision, carefully touch the pencil lead on the aluminum foil and start cutting. Do not stare at the sparks!





The homeade plasma cutter was a success it cut though aluminum foil just as I hoped and predicted!


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I will like to acknowledge my teacher for helping me answer my questions for this science fair and my dad for helping me with my project and supervising me too.