How do Vaccines Work?

the reason I have chosen vaccines as my non experimental research project is because it is an interesting topic especially because there is a pandemic. I feel like it would be nicer to fully understand how they work.
Noah G
Grade 6


There isn't exactly a problem other than me lacking the knowledge to fully understand the procces of a vaccination. The reason I find that vaccines are a good topic is because their is currently a pandemic. I'm also pretty sure they are changing how the vaccines work now so I would enjoy being able to compare the old to the new. It would also be nice to know how the immune system works and how it copoperates with vaccines allowing it to immunize us from disease. 


I will search up from realiable sources and apply what I have learned to other websites to form a project on my research on the topic of how vaccines work.


Many harmful pathogens live in the world around us that can cause disease if they enter the body and multiply.  All info from referances and school

Our immune system is extremely important to keep us safe from pathogens and also kill them if they enter our body.    

pathogens are distinct and have certain artibutes to help our body see if its the body's or a forgien material.

Our immune system has adaptive immunity, this allows our body to remember how it beat a virus or a weakened version of it so it can beat the viruse with ease the next time it enters the body. This is what allows vaccines to work.

Our body has multiple lines of defence other than our immune system, I have listed a few of them below.

1 Skin, Its a physical barrier keeping dirt and other stuff from entering our body and causing infection and other health issues.

2 Fever, Makes our body tempature rise making it harder for the pathogen to survive.

Vaccines expose us to the antigens of a certain pathogen so our immune system it can begin the procces of creating an antibody for the specific pathogen to keep us safe from it if we are to contract it.

We use vaccines to prepare and protect our bodys from harmful diseases. After immunization our body is prepared to fight that disease if it is to enter our body, our body responds swiftly at high activity to the pathogen and kills it before it can spread and cause the disease.

A pathogen is a living thing such as a fungus, a parasite, a virus, or a bacteria that can cause disease. A pathogen is a harmful organism.

All pathogens have a part called an antigen, this is what allows your body to learn to defeat the pathogen.

A vaccine is a weakened non dangerouse version of the organism that contains part of the pathogens antigen that is big enough for our body to learn from and create and antibody for the specific pathogen.

To summarize it a vaccine is a weak non deadly fragment of the virus that includes and antigen that is good enough for our body to learn from so we can create antibodies to help us fight against the virus if we catch it.

As I had previously mentioned, Vaccines not only protect you from the virus but prevent is from spreading as fast. This plays a key role in keeping those, of which can not vaccinate due to medical issues safe. We like to call this herd immunization, if a community is to be vaccinated those of whom are unable to vaccinate in that community still get a lower risk of contracting the virus. This is why it is important to get vaccinated if somebody in your community and/or family is unable to becom vaccinated.


Since I am doing a research project my "data" will be in my research folder.


My conclusion is that vaccines use non deadly fragments of the disease that contain an antigen to prepare our body. The antigen once in our body alerts our immune system to create an antibody to prepare to fight the disease. If we are to catch the disease after vaccination our body will respond much faster killing the pathogen before the disease can be created. More simpified vaccines use a part of a pathogen called an antigen to prime our body to fight the specific pathogen if we are to contract it.


I would like to thank my school for giving me the resources and the opportunity to take part in this science fair.