Battery Powered Car

it is a small car that works with the batterys electrons
Aliza Mir
Grade 6


How Do Batteries Work/How Do Battery Powered Cars Work?



I have taken a piece of cardboard and shaped it into a rectangle for the base of my car, and attached a battery on top of it. Then I have put a DC motor on the side of the car with 2 copper wires fastened to the back of it. The two copper wires cross and are touching the positive and negative sides. On the front is a small pulley with a rubber band hooked on it. from the band leading down are wooden wheels connected to the skewers which act as the axle. The skewers are being held by some cut straws. There is a pulley on one side of the back skewers which is connected to the rubber band as well as the small pulley.


A battery is a device that contains electrochemical cells, that have outside connections for electric things. A DC motor is a small electric motor that rotates its self. A pulley is a simple machine that reduces the need for strength to lift something. A rubber band is something to tie your hair with. An axle is a rotating wheel or gear. A copper wire is electrical wiring.  a wheel is a circular hard thing that rotates for something to move. 


-Pulleys are simple machines

-Electrons move through the metal

-Batteries contain electrons

-The DC motor can only start rotating when the wires are attached to both sides of the battery

-Axles are the most important part of a car



A battery-powered vehicle is powered by electricity. In this case, it is a battery. The battery gets joined to the copper wires and the electrons travel through it to the DC motor causing it to, rotate and pull the pulley. The pulley is attached to the axle which is the point the wheels are attached to, so it starts moving. From when I read my hypothesis again I was correct. The batteries do work for how I have guessed and it is how the car will run.



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