i'm doing Aerodynamics on planes because planes are something that i know about and i wanted to learn more about
Arrya McCracken
Grade 5


How do airplanes fly?


Research methods

  • online research
  • Studies I have done
  • generally free resource (Youtube, Khan Academy, Wikipedia, etc ...)
  • illustrate key concepts from aerodynamics such as how airplanes achieve lift
  • Research the physics of lift 
  • Use the information that I know and combine it with things iIl found out
  • Pictures that illustrate concepts of lift and aerodynamics


Planes fly by a force that is called lift, lift is air flowing over the wings of the plane, creating enough pressure over the air and make It fly. If a plane had no wings the air would only go over the top of the plane, meaning that, well it wouldn't work. Planes are made in a way that if you took one part out the whole plane will be affected, kind of like cars and trains. I know that planes have to have the right shape in order for them to fly, for example, the shape of the wings makes the plane able to fly and the shape of the plane creates a safe landing.



There is no data here because I am doing a not experimental project 


This research project works with Lift and airflow. I learned that when a plane is in the air, the wings work with a force that's called lift. 




My dad helped me with collecting information and sorting out my work as well as making sure that my work was good!