Power of Wind

we use wind power to make electricity that powers two light bulbs
Hassan Omar
Grade 7


We are trying to determine how a wind turbine generates power and makes the light bulbs turn on using a fan.


1. Grab a container

2. Grab three wood plank, one in 6 inches, 1.5 inches and 1 inch

3. Drill and screw to drill wood plank 6 inches and 1.5 inches

4. Assemble generators with led lights and Turbine blades 

5. Hot glue gun the wood on one end to the edge of the container. Let it dry repeat on another end with the other wood piece.

6. Hot glue gun the generators to each side of the plank where the blades can rotate in the same direction.

7. Use the fan to move the Wind Turbine

8. Watch to see if the lights turn on.



Wind turbines get pushed by the wind and spin in a circular formation. The wind pushes the blades on the wind turbines, spinning the main shaft to a gear-box, then a generator turns and makes power. Wind turbine usually has one or more magnets, and most of the time It is neodymium magnets. The rotating shaft and the magnets are connected to the coiled copper wire, generating electricity. A single large wind turbine can power over 460 houses, or in other words, the amount of power an average wind turbine can produce is 402,000 kWh of energy every month. According to Paul Sclavounos, professor of mechanical engineering and naval architecture at MIT, it would take 400 5 Megawatts to power all of New York City and their average annual electric consumption. Every year a signal wind turbine can produce energy up to 6 million kWh.


No data collected for this project.


In conclusion, I found out how a wind turbine produces power and how its constructed. I have also found out how much energy can be made from wind and how many items a single wind turbine can power. Also, how much wind power it took to power the two light bulbs in the video. It was hard for me to place the fan at the right spot to spin both fans enough to produce the necessary power to light up both lights. It took 0.55 Watts to power each light bulb and the right amount and direction of the wind. Even though this experiment has a small wind turbine that produces very little power, I believe wind energy has a bright future.


I'd like to acknowledge my uncle and my science teacher on helping me and giving me ideas for my science fair.