Which fruits or vegetables grow mold or fungi the quickest?

To make it fair, I will weigh the exact amount of fruit and vegetables on a gram scale. Then I will put each of the foods into petri dishes and periodically give them oxygen. I will write in my journal which fruit grows mold or fungi the quickest.
Cade P.
Grade 6


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I think that the mold or fungi will grow quicker on Lettuce because it is the fastest growing fruit or vegetable that I am using. I think since it grows fast, it will also grow mold fast too.


For my research, I looked up how fast does each fruit or vegetable grow that I used. The fastest growing is Lettuce. Some types of Lettuce can grow in 30 days! I also looked up if vegetables grow faster than fruits. Typically, a vegetable grows faster than a fruit. It is that way because most fruit grows on a tree or a bush. Those trees and bushes take time to grow.



Cutting Board   Gram Scale   Petri Dishes (Already sterilized)   Aquarium   2200 Filter (filtering out mold spores in the air)   Knife   Foam Blocks   Cardboard   Carrots   Lettuce   Cucumbers   Peppers   Blackberries   Apples   Oranges   Pineapples   Grapes   Bananas


Manipulated Variable

Type of Fruit

Respnding Variables

The amount of mold growth (%)

Controlled Variables

The weight of all fruit/vegetable (22 g)     Amount of time kept in aquarium     Same petri dishes     Humiditly levels    Sunlight     Freshness of fruit and vegies and beginning of experiment     Two samples of each item


  1. Buy fresh fruit + vegetables.
  2. Gather all materials needed.
  3. Weigh each fruit and vegetable so each EXACTLY 22 grams.
  4. Put each fruit + vegetable into petri dishes.
  5. Put 1 of each fruit and vegetable onto the bottom level.
  6. To make the second level, use the foam blocks and tape them to the piece of cardboard. Then stand it inside the aquarium.
  7. Put the rest of the food onto the second level that you just made.
  8. Move the aquarium beside a window.
  9. Wait and make observations for 8 days.
  10. On the last day, make your final observations and make graphs and charts about it.


Fruit or vegetable Number of days took to mold Description
Lettuce Did not mold Looks quite dry and a few brown parts on edges
Cucumbers 5

VERY shriveled and spots of mold

Peppers 4 Also shriveled and has lots of tiny black spots with mold on top
Carrots Did not mold Tiny bit shriveled and no signs of mold
Blackberries Did not mold Nothing looks different exept a bunch of the tiny berries that make up the big one have burst
Apples 5 Shriveled up and some of them have spots of mold
Oranges 5 The ones on the bottom look like nothing has changed but the ones on top are covered in mold
Pineapple 1 These are also very shriveled. They used to be covered in mold but not so much anymore.
Grapes 2 Each petri dish has a tiny bit of mold
Bananas 4 They are all totally brown and have big spots of mold on them

Most of the Mold that grew was white with green on top. The peppers had mold that was black first, then white/green. The foods that did not grow mold was Lettuce, Carrots, and the Blackberries. The Pineapple grew mold the quickest. It grew it on day number 1!





Average amount of mold: 12%
Average amount of days it took for the foods that molded: 4


My hypothesis was proven to be incorrect. The Lettuce did not grow ANY mold after 8 days of testing. The fruit that grew mold the fastest was the Pineapple, while the Oranges grew the most mold. Based on my data, I observed that the fruits grew mold quicker than the vegetables. The average amount of days for fruit to mold is 2.8, while 1/6 of the fruits did not mold at all. The average amount of days for vegetables to mold is 4.5 days, while 2/4 of the vegetables did not mold at all. In conclusion, even though the vegetables grow fast on the plant, they grow mold slower. The fruit, on the other hand, grow slower on the plant, and grow mold more quickly. As a result, after buying fruit, eat it quick or else it will mold!


After doing this project, I would then know which fruit or veggie grows mold faster. Then I would know how long I have untill it goes bad so I would eat it before I normally do.

Sources Of Error

The fruit and vegies may have taken different amounts of time to ship to the store that we bought them at. Also, they might have been a bit more ripe than others but I tried to pick the ones that looked closest together.


I would like to acknowledge my parents, Miss Tung, and TCS for this opportunity.