How safe are you from hackers?

I am going to make it look like there is a computer update. Once the person downloads it, I will have access to their computer and be able to do stuff like install keyloggers and turn their webcam on.
Neil Bhalla
Grade 8


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People don't really know how easy it is for hackers to spy on them through their webcam. This project is intended to show how easy it is for hackers to access their webcam and mask it as an update so that the victim thinks they're installing an update but they are really getting hacked.


I will be using a program called Kali Linux that is improved by a company called Zsecurity. I will also be using a program called BeEF which injects a javascript code through a fake update which hacks into their computer.


Because of how easy it is to hack into someones computer, you should always be careful of what you install and research about the update first.


Covering your webcam when you are not using it is strongly reccomended. Also, never let anyone know your IP address because you can easily be tracked and hacked through that.


The python script was originally made by sciencebuddies.org


I learned about hacking through a course from Udemy by Zaid Sabih. He also was the one who made a custom Kali Linux.


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