How electronics affect our eyes and body.

Electronics are taking over our lives. Our eyes are 2 centimeters from the screen most of the day. People can't sleep and some have more depression than ever. Proper food choices are related to this. What should I do? It's all going to be in our project.
hassan cheema Nadeem Cheema
Grade 5


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How electronics affect our eyes and body. The problem is that if you stay on the screen for to long, your eyes will get damage very bad. 


- Ask the question on google and look on many websites.

- The sites tht mostly have the same informaition will be part of our project.

- Add the imformaition on the project  from the websites into our own words.

- Profreed work and make sure that work is 100% completly done.         




What we did for Research is that we went on different websites and read the information on the website and then we go on and put the same thing on our project but we put it in our own words.


We also put things that we know, but made sure they were true.

Some of the things that we thoght were true, were fake or a myth.




Time to make project- 18 days.


These are the things to help your eyes and your body. If you follow all of these things that we told you, and you will have strong eyes and a healthy body.  Even though electronics can’t literally kill you it’s still very good to take precautions Electronics can actually lead to the loss of eyesight which is pretty rare but don’t get too confident about that. Eat the right fruits, use electronics with the right amount of time. Then you will be good.




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I'll like to thank my father, my teachers (epeccily Mr. Maryumama) and my family for supporting my sister and I along the way.


We wouldn't have reached this far without them.