Which bubble gum will blow the biggest bubble?

We are conducting an experiment to figure out which bubble gum blows the biggest bubble? Our brother will be the person blowing the bubbles for this experiment.
Max Hallamore Oscar Hallamore
Grade 6


If the tester chews “Hubba Bubba” gum, then they will blow the largest bubble because the
texture of the gum is softer and easier to chew.


To try and understand the outcome of our experiment we first looked at the ingredients of the gum to see what the difference was.  We noticed that the common ingredients on each package of gum are,

  • Sugar
  • Gum base and,
  • Corn syrup

While all of these ingredients were present on the different packages, they were listed in different orders, potentially showing that each ingredient is in varying amounts per brand of gum.  The following was observed of the four types of gum,

  • Sugar was listed as the first ingredient in each package (note - brush your teeth!!) 
  • Gum Base was listed as the second ingredient in Bubblicious, Hubba Bubba, and Big League Chew; Dubble Bubble had gum base listed as the fourth ingredient. 
  • Corn syrup is sometimes listed separate from sugar on the brands of gum, but overall it is just extra sugar (again, brush your teeth!)



Controlled variable: The test subject (our brother Ben); The time chewed before blowing the bubble; The measured amount of gum per brand
Manipulated variable: Four different brands of gum
Responding variable: The size of the bubble that is blown

The four gums that we selected were:
1. Big League Chew
2. Hubba Bubba
3. Double Bubble
4. Bubblicous


The materials used for the experiment are a digital scale, digital caliper, digital timer and our brother Ben (the bubble blower). 

We selected four different types of bubble gum, they are:

  1. Big League Chew
  2. Hubba Bubba
  3. Double Bubble
  4. Bubblicous

To conduct the Experiment, we followed these steps: 

  1. Each brand of gum was weighed in an equal amount on the digital scale at 8 grams per brand.
  2. Our brother Ben chewed each piece of gum for 2 minutes, which we timed using a digital timer and when the timer went Ben blew a bubble.
  3. Next, Ben blew 4 bubbles to soften the gum and improve the elasticity of each piece.
  4. On the 5th bubble that was blown, we measured the size using the digital caliper. 
  5. For the duration of the experiment, Ben stayed in the same location and was seated the entire time to blow each bubble.


We observed that our hypothesis was incorrect. We initially believed that Hubba Bubba would blow the largest bubble because it was softer than the other brands before being chewed, and based on previous experience chewing Hubba Bubba. From our past experience chewing Hubba Bubba we thought that the bubbles were always quite big in size. Based on our experiment, we found that Big League Chew made the largest bubble. To our surprise, Hubba Bubba blew the third largest bubble. 

The following is a list of the gum that was chewed as part of our experiment, and the size of the bubbles that were blown:

  1. First place was "Big League Chew" at 3.60 inches,
  2. Second place was "Bubblicous" at 3.50 inches
  3. Third place was "Hubba Bubba" at 3.47 inches
  4. Fourth place was "Double Bubble" at 1.66 inches


Bubble Gum Brand Bubble 1 Bubble 2 Bubble 3 Bubble 4 Bubble 5
Hubba Bubba 1.64 2.44 2.82 1.91 3.47
Bubbilicious 2.20 1.54 1.97 2.90 3.50
Double Bubble 1.43 1.50 1.66 1.23 2.02
Big League Chew 1.82 3.10 2.64 2.38 3.60

Bubbles measurement in inches.


Why do we think the “Big League Chew” gum had the biggest bubble and "Dubble Bubble" had the littlest bubble?

Max and Oscar: In the end Big League Chew had the biggest bubble because all the gums have gum base as their second ingredient except Dubble Bubble which has gum base as the fourth ingerdient, no wonder Dubble Bubble had the smallest bubble - it likely has the least amount of gum base in it.  We think that the name Dubble Bubble is VERY misleading!


What we found out is that the more gum base that is in the gum the bigger the bubble!  The bubble gum that had gum base as a second ingredient made the largest bubbles. Also, we think that the more gum base found in each brand of bubble gum, the more elasticity the gum has and is more stretchy when a bubble is blown. Gum base is a key ingredient in bubble gum and contributes to the size of the bubbles! 

We thought that the Hubba Bubba gum was going to blow the biggest bubble because it is our favorite gum, and we have blown some really big bubbles with it previously. The Big League Chew was a mystery to us because we had never heard of it and therefore never tried chewing it. We believe it made the largest bubble because it is packaged differently it comes in strips and is easy to bend, as opposed to the three other brands that come in block or chunk format.  From our experiment we have found a new favorite gum to blow large bubbles with!  

Sources Of Error

A source of error identified was that while we timed the chewing for two miniutes before blowing the bubbles, we did not count the number of chews within that two minutes. Another source of error is blowing the gum and the gum popping in a mid - stage blowing process, and we could have asked Ben to chew the gum longer to make the gum even softer. 


Armstrong, W.P., Chicle & Rubber-Producing Plants, 2021

Parents: Joel Hallamore and Chrisy Robertson


Our brother Benjamin for blowing the bubbles.

Our dad for buying the gums and the digital caliper.

Our mom because she thought of the idea for this project and she helped us with the experiment.