"The new bike lock"

This project is a new twist on the bike lock, and works by combining a bike seat and lock at the same time. the bike seat, when removed, folds out into a U-Bolt style bike lock.
Aden Savell
Grade 9


What led me to the idea for this project was a problem I had. It started when my new bus stop didn't have a place to park my bike for a day, aside from a couple of benches, Because of this my parents purchased me a U-Bolt bike lock to secure my bike with; this is when the problem started it was heavy and big and awkward. This leads me to think about how I could improve my situation, while still maintaining approval from my parents that my bike was secured. I tried making do with what I had, Hanging it off my bike instead of carrying it in my bag, but it would affect my ability to ride my bike; either putting me off balance or knocking against my pedals. when it was time to start the science fair. I decided that I would try to re-create the bike lock by incorporating it into the bike. There are already many designs out there. but after looking at many. I realized that all of them required you to either purchase a special bike or buy a foldable bike lock that just attached to your bike. So I decided to combine a bit of both by coming up with a concept for a piece that would attach to your bike and be part of your bike this is where I came up with the idea of making the bike seat the bike lock.


The method for building my lock is going to be: cut the arms, cut the pipe, smoothen, cut the grooves in the arms and pipe, pin the arms together, and clean up the prototype with paint and sanding.


after showing the prototype off to neighbours and friends, many of which ride bikes for transport or go mountain biking regularly, many of them said that they would purchase a product like it if one were ever to release. Overall, I would consider the Idea a success.


All of the people that I showed the prototype to really liked it, and said that they would consider purchasing one, so I would consider the concept a success.


My Dad, for helping me with the prototype, and for my presentation. 


My dad, for helping with construction, materials, and brainstorming with me to turn my concept into reality