does the type of music you listen to affect your mood?

in this project, i will listen to a certain genre of music over the course of 6 days and record my mood and the type of music i listened to
Anu Nanda
Grade 6


I think the type of music you listen to DOES affect your mood because many people look up to singers as their idols and influences, or heroes, so this might influence your behavior.


looking at music, which comes in many genres, it is proven that people who listen to music while studying can focus better and have higher GPA's compared to people who don't.


dependent: mood

independent: type of music

controlled: volume of music/ time duration of the music


1. listen to music

2. record result

3. record behaviour 10 min, and 1 hour later


Day 1: On day one I listened to lofi hip-hop. On this day my mood was very neutral, and I felt a sense of my surroundings. I felt very relaxed and aware of my mood, so to conclude, my mood on day one was fairly positive.


Day 2: On day 2 I listened to a completely different genre of music; dubstep, which is very energetic and loud, and is the opposite of lofi which is soft and homely. This type of music made me feel active, or hyperactive, and mainly happy.


Day 3: On day 3 I listened to rap songs, which are neither similar to dubstep, or lofi. On day 3 I felt fairly neutral, and happy. I felt fresh and jubilant. I was happy and felt like going for a walk. So to conclude, I was happy.


Day 4: On day 4 I listened to country music, which didn’t change my mood all that much, or even at all. I was fairly happy but didn’t really feel a change in my mood. To conclude, my mood was mainly happy and I was fairly jubilant


Day 5: On day 5 I listened to party music, which displayed the same results as those for dubstep, which I think is because party music and dubstep are two very similar genres of music. So to recap, my mood was fairly energetic, and hyperactive.

Day 6: Day 6 was a very different day from the past 5. On this day, I listened to themed music, from television shows, and also movies. My mood was neutral, and there was no way to describe it, considering I was listening to many different genres, and the only thing common in between them was the fact that they are themed.


All these songs were completely different and resulted all in different moods, and all these moods were fairly similar, though different at the same time. the average moods were happy and sad, nothing special or wierd.


to conclude, the type of music you listen to does affect your mood. if listening to the same type of music for a long period of time, I think the effect would have been much more long-term. 


i think these studies can be used to further help explain why people behave the way. they do after being exposed to a certain type of music or other media. This can also help us in new ways of therapy, using music to help lift people's moods and in other types of changing moods.

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 I want to thank my mom, my dad, and my dog, Snoopy for helping me and providing me with the confidence and inspiration for this project.