our crystal experiment

We have explored the science of supersaturation and grew borax and epsom salt crystals and recorded it.
Essa Salem
Grade 5


We hypothosize that the crystals will grow in a couple of days where the supersturated solution starts to form these crystals as the temperature decreases.


We will define what crystallization is, show a table to record the progress, and add pictures of the progress. Our research is web and book based. 


We made one borax crystal and one epsom salt crystal. So the variable are the composition of the salts and the cooling speed.


We will boil water and keep adding epsom salt (or borax) untill it stops dissolving which turns it into a superstaurated solution.Then we leave the epsom solution in the fridge until they grow into crystals. The borax solution does not need to be chilled but left at room temperature to cool slowly.



We started at 5: 30 pm Then left it until 5:52 PM next day for the crystals to grow. In the epsom salt solution the crystals started forming at the bottom of the jar.The borax ones fluffed up the fibers of the pipe cleaner where they started to form and to show the crystals.


Both crystals grew similarly large in the given amount of time but each crystal had its own shape. The epsom salts formed short needle like crystals on the bottom of the jar. As for the Borax, the crystals formed were small, shiny rock shaped packed crystals that took the shape of the pipe cleaner extended into the jar.


Each of the salts had their own shape of crytals making it special and easy to identify. 


We made the crystals like how it happens in labs and nature like salt and diamonds and many other crystals in the world that are affected similarly by the environment where they are formed.

Sources Of Error

If we did the recipe wrong it wouldn't have made crystals.


That crystals are amazing chemical reactions and how they can be made naturally.