Can Strong Slap Bands Quickly Roll Up A Sleeping bag?

using slap bands in different amounts can I roll a full size sleeping bag from top to bottom in seconds?
Nolan Howard
Grade 7


Seeping bags can take a long time to roll up, how can I create a self-rolling sleeping bag that is both time saving and efficient?


1 Gather materials 

2 open tape measure 

3 pull out length of sleeping bag in the tape 

4 cut and repeat steps 3-4 until you have no more measuring tape inside the case ( all ends of the pieces of the tape measure must be rounded to avoid cuts using the metal shears)

5 put screwdriver in between the jaws of the clamp (handle in screwdriver out) and tighten it until it's extremely solid

6 bend one of the tape measurer pieces you made and put around the screwdriver in the clamp with the bump in the medal facing down

7 keeping the two halves of the screwdriver lined up pull back and forth all the way up to the edge and slowly bend it the other way until it can roll like a slap band 

8 repeat steps 6-7 until all of the pieces of the tape measurer you made can roll like a slap band

9 get out duct tape and take pieces of it with near identical length to the slap bands (2-3 cm more in length)

10 set the bands in the middle of the tape and with the bump touching the sticky side of the tape and fold the remaining tape on the sides of the slap band gently onto the inverted side of the slap band then fold the remaining tape on the top and bottom of the slap band in and onto the slap band 

11 repeat steps 9-10 until all pieces have been wrapped in duct tape 

12 get out the sticks of wood and prepare the buzzsaw  and put on your safety goggles 

13 cut the sticks into 9 different pieces (7 small, small being 1/7 of a stick and 2 large, large being ½ of one stick)

14 put the small sticks in between the big ones with a distance apart so that 6 spots the width of the slap bands can fit in between without being pushed down and glue them in place with wood glue

15 wait ten minutes for the wood glue to dry

16 repeat steps 12-15 a second time then move on

17 stick the slap bands in the slots with one of the stick slots at the bottom and the other at the top

18 get out sleeping bag (aka pillow case)

19 slide the frame into the pillow case




Test 1 Analysis:


After making all the designs reality to test the pillowcase/sleeping bag I tested it on a pillow case and it rolled in perfect unison and rolled it tightly in a time of one second so I believe that it is very successful. The time it took me to roll it was two seconds but it was rolled not as tight. I was able to roll the pillow case with slap bands so my design might work with a sleeping bag with some adjustments for the weight difference and length and width but I can say that the prototype test was a total and complete success. The cost of the prototype was 45.15 Canadien dollars. some sources of error might be 





Test 2 Analysis:

I decided to learn what would actually happen if I tried it on an actual sleeping bag. In reality one band per side was not going to work so what if you were to put the slap bands one on top of the other? I was conflicted to do this because putting them one on top of the other would mean that one would always roll quicker than the others meaning there would be conflict when rolling ( on rolls quicker because there is less distance to roll so it becomes dead weight to the other ones, and if they are duct taped together then when one stops quicker than the others  it will pull back the others.) but a way to stop that problem is to when you are bending them to pull the one on top of the other so they are all comfortable with the distance they must roll. Then I will have to put them in a frame that will have to be very lightweight and strong and stretch the width of the sleeping bag to hold all the slap bands exactly where they need to be.


This is the final design blueprint





In the end my hypothesis was correct, the self rolling sleeping bag worked and my design will succeed.Some outliers that could have occured during testing are if I pushed on the bands in areas were they were weaker and that caused them to roll up quicker then if I pushed them in another spot. Some trends I found in my work is that I was able to roll my prototype in a time of one second whereas it took two seconds for me to roll it up by myself, this impresses me because it took half the time it took me to roll it. After my project the only thing I could not complete was my final testing, but I have tested and perfected a self rolling sleeping bag proving that my idea will work.

If I could do this again I would make sure I had extra slap bands on me so if some of them do not turn out all right I had backups to test with. 

I also would have contacted  more experts instead of the same expert numerous times and I would have changed the lengths instead of rolling them one on top of the other.



" doctors say the avergage human rolls over 13 times in their sleep. these studies were done by Doctor David Shculman."

"the closest thing to what I am doing is a small company called yoyo mats who used slapbands to make self rolling yoga mats."

"my expert is Barclay Bertin a product devolopment engineer at the U of C."




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