Does Color Affect Human Memory?

The project is about does color will affect our memory and if so which color makes us forget the most. I'll also be doing an experiment to prove that my hypothesis is right.
Ilhan Poovanthodi
Grade 7


I believe that color can affect our memory. If color does affect memory, then I believe that blue helps us remember the most.



Since our brain and eyes are connected to each other, whatever we see, our brain will remember it. Now, it doesn't mean we will remember everything from the second we were born to this moment, it means that exciting things or memorable things will be remembered, so if you went to an amusement park, you might have remembered the fun rides or the cool food you got there. In this project, I'll be talking about how memory is important, what I have done to prove my hypothesis, how I did an experiment and was my hypothesis right or wrong.



There are 3 variables that changed.


I used 4 different color for the sentences

Red, Blue, Green, Black



These are the sentences I wrote for the experiment

Sentence 1 - The professor had studied Rome

Sentence 2 - Complex houses and it's families

Sentence 3 - You waited for the train

Sentence 4 - All the faith he had



Group 1 - Ages 6 -10

Group 2 - Ages 11 -15

Group 3 - Ages 20 - 25



To do this experiment I will ask the volunteers to read the sentences which are written in different colors. The next day I will see if they can remember anything from the sentences,some of the words in the sentences or all of the words in the sentences. If they can remember some of the sentences and blue was remembered the most, my hypothesis is 100% right. If they can remember all of the sentences, my hypothesis is wrong. If they can remember nothing, my hypothesis is still wrong because it means that color doesn't affect memory and blue doesn't help us remember the most.



I observed that when the participants read the sentences, they all stuttered on the sentences written in black and green. This may have been caused because green is the most distracting color to our brain and black means negativity so our brain might have felt uneasy.


Color is very important because it is like another language to our brain. When we read something, our brain reads it like a language so what if the ink color is a threatening color? Then our brain will feel uneasy and not pay attention really well. Blue is a calming color so we feel calm to concentrate more.



My hypothesis was right. That's because blue is a color that means calmness, so blue helps our brain to relax and let us focus better and blocks any distractions. I also learned that 


The colors I used were red, blue, green and black.

Sources Of Error

The things that can go wrong with the experiment are..

  • Family Members. The reason family members are in this list is because if one of the volunteers has a younger family member, they will get distracted and will forget many things that happened in the previous hour.
  • Trips to places in our state. When we go on trips to places, we make many memories and those memories sometimes will be more recent than the time I asked them to read the sentences so when I ask the volunteer to tell me what they read, their head will be full of the recent,exciting memories
  • Electronics. Electronics are used everywhere and we get easily distracted by them. We have games on them, we text our friends and sometimes we just surf on the internet. When we do all of that, our brain remembers most of offers and new games and forgets most of the other things we did before.


These are the things that could have made some of my volunteers forget most of the sentences



Link #1,effect%20of%20colour%20on%20memory.&text=The%20right%20combination%20of%20colours,this%20can%20influence%20memory%20retention.

Link #1 gave me the most information by helping me answer many questions like giving me a few examples and answering the question, does color affect memory, telling me that the combination of the background color and the ink might affect memory and told me that colors make us feel different about things like restaurant logos and brand names.

Link #2,skills%20and%20improving%20brain%20function.

Link #2 helped by telling me what the different colors meant and if colors do affect our memory but in the website but in this website, it says that red helps us remember the most instead of blue.


Link #3

Link #3 told me why colors are important, colors have magnetic frequency, colors can affect neurological pathways in our brain and can create a biochemical response. All this information helped me understand why color is so important.


Link #4

Link #4 helped me find out how our brain reacts to different colors. In this website, the person who wrote the website,Karen Phan, used her own experience to write the website and in her experience, blue helped her remember the most. She also said in the website that blue means trust.


Link #5

Link #5 helped me find out what few colors mean. This helped a lot because when I found out that blue is a color of calmness, I could do more research about how the color blue helps us concentrate more.



I would like to thank my science teacher for helping me to find a good project .

I would like to thank my parents and siblings for their support and help to finish the project.