What are blood types and How are they Important

It is about Blood types/Blood
Danielle Rose Flores Serena Miller
Grade 5


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When we first started our problem was we didn't know what blood types were. So we had to dig in and find out! :3


We used books and online websites such as Wikipedia for out topic what are blood types and how are they important 



For reasearch we looked into books and online websites like health sites and we asked my mom who is a nurse for a elderly home and knows a lot about blood!



When we first started our question was what are blood types and how are they important. We found out what blood is which is a fluid pumping throug our veins back to our heart to help us live. Along the way, we learnt about cool blood facts and blood type fact! We learnt systems to determine our type of blood, and finally what are blood types. We discovered that they are types of blood given to a human being giving traits and lifestyles to people!



Our project has taught us so much and we took very kind on it. This has brought us to a goal of achievement for this may help us in the future helping us with our well beings. 


Thank you for checking out our project! :3

We really hope you enjoyed it and we had so much fun doing this. We really do thank you and we are glad you could check ours out! :)