My GPS Tracker

Creating a GPS tracker to help find lost items
Isabella Morison
Grade 7


I am very scattered, and so I lose things a lot. This project is aiming at helping me find those things using GPS.



  • First I bought and assembled all necessary materials. 
  • Next, I put together the component that would detect my current gps location.
  • Next, I assembled the code to display my location to my computer.
  • After this, I wired and built the LCD display, which would later display my GPS location.
  • Then I coded the LCD display to display my location. 
  • I then reviewed all the code with my dad and made sure I understood it.
  • I then tried to make it wireless, but I didn't have enough of a current.


My problem did not quite solve my problem. I missed one crucial part of my design, though- the wireless aspect that would be the last crucial step to make this project functional. So i didn’t really build a tracking device that would solve my main problem and function as desired, but that is ok-because a logical next step I would take would be to build the wireless aspect of my device. To cross the gap in planning I unknowingly made at the start. 

I am working on the wireless component currently-the plan is to send it to the owners number as a text message. Although this may not work for a phone, because it would be used for the text message, but if somebody had an apple watch they could get the text message on there. I have not been able to get an adequete current for the project, though, so part of this is therotical.


My innovation turned out to be inconclusive. I cannot find my objects with this device yet and solve my leading problem, because since the two parts of the device (the part that displays where your items are and the part that you connect to your items) are connected. Once I find a wireless way to do this, though, this should function as planned, and solve the leading problem, and so I am doing a science fair next year on this. The finding device still does not really have a way of adhesion yet, and so is not quite a sticker like the hypothesis said it should be. I can display the data of the current position of my device on an LCD board. It is, in a way, still a work in progress. 

I have attempted the wireless part with a cellphone module, but I don't have enough current to get enough power to it. Theoritically, someone could send a command through a text message on a google watch or phone to the machine, and it would send the items current location.


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I thank my dad for helping me learn how to understand the code and this device that I built, and for helping me with the instructions on how to build it. I couldn't have done it without him, and his technical knowledge. He was a big part of this science fair.

 I also thank my mom for encouragement, and my cat for furry therapy. My friends also were very encouraging and helped me prepare for the upcoming science fair.

I would also like to thank all of the websites that helped me find the code needed.