erupting volcano experiment

A modle volcanoe will erupt and there with be research with one more modle that will show how they erupt
Adna Melkic Ellery Thiessen
Grade 5


Where are volcanoes, how do they form, and  how do they erupt?


We read books on volcanoes and wrote it down in a google doc. We then will put the  vinager and baking soda in the bottle. Right after we did the the valcano excploded. Next we put a lid in water and pushed down and the water came out of the hole showing what pressure goes on inside a volcano. 


 The research we got is from national geographic and other websites.


The volcanoe erupted but in bubbles beacause when you put vinagar and baking soda in a bottle the cemicals will react causing the volcanoe to overflow with the mixture.


We got are reaserch from: Almanac 2020 national geographic, Volcanic processes, How hot is is lava and other questions about volcanoes, Eruption, My best book of volcanoes, Absolute Expert on Volcanoes National geographice Kids, Everything volcanoes and earthquakes.


We did not get any ackonolegment on this project.



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