Go-Go Glo Germs

Which wash is best?
Bahjat Charanek
Grade 5


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My hypothesis was that the best wash would be the 20 second wash with soap.I think the worst will be the 5 second wash without soap.


I researched COVID-19 and put it on a Google Slide. This is it.Science Fair - Google Slides


These are the variables I used.

20 second wash with soap

10 second wash(no soap)

5 second wash(no soap)


This is my procedure.

  1. Mix Hemway Flourescent Powder with Pacific Eczema Lotion.
  2. Rub on hands, including between your fingers and under your nails.
  3. Wash off depending on the variable you are using and dry your hands with a paper towel.
  4. Use a UV flashlight to check out your hands.How much Glo Germ lotion is left on your hands?



I observed that there was still Glo Germs after every wash, and a shower!


I observe that my hypothesis was right and these are the washing results.          

Trial 1: 20 second wash with soap.

Trial 2 :20 second wash with soap.

Trial 3 :20 second wash with soap.


I conclude that my hypothesis was correct. The best was the 20 second wash with soap. The worst was the 5 second wash with no soap.    


I spent 30 minutes working on this project.

Sources Of Error

I had so many problems with my project, like checking my hands. I had to get my mom to do it.


I would like to give thanks to...

My brother, for just being amazing and helping me.

My sister, who believed in me every step of the way.

But my mother deserves SPECIAL THANKS for checking my hands with a UV light and being my mom. Three cheers for Dalal Charanek!!!!!  


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