The electro bike

This project is about how you can use the power of electromagnetism in a motor to generate electricity.
Shahriar Khan
Grade 8


More than 13% of the world population completely doesn't have access to electricity and even more, don't have access to it most of the time. Generators could fix this problem except, that it can cost a lot of money to buy even one and it costs even more money to power it and maintain it by the government. Another and cheaper form of electricity production is the Electro-bike (which can be a stationarily mounted bike or actually driven) where the back wheel is attached to a 1 hp DC motor (which can be bought for as little as $140) on both sides. This 1hp motor can generate enough electricity to power basic house appliances.


In order to understand how the electro bike works, we need to know how a motor works. In a simple motor, there are two permanent magnets on both sides of a copper coil that is connected to a commutator. The commutator has two gaps on the opposite side of itself these gaps divide the 2 ends of the copper coil. When an electric current passes through the copper wire, it turns it into an electromagnet, so naturally, the opposite poles generated by this electromagnet would get attracted to the poles of the permanent magnets surrounding it. This will result in that the copper wire spinning to match the opposite poles, but once it makes its rotation the two halves of the commutator switch sides due to the rotation and now are touching opposite brushes (which are connected to the wires), in turn, switching where the electricity comes from, this flips the polarity of the electromagnet (switches the north and south poles) inturn making the copper wire electromagnet spin around again to match the opposite poles this process is repeated until the electrical source is finished or cut off. If a DC motor can convert electrical energy to mechanical energy, it can do the opposite. The two poles of the permanent magnet are attracted to each other generating an EMF (Electro-magnetic Feild) and if a conductor (copper wire) is placed in between this EMF and it is spun around the EMF transfers into the copper wire in the form of electrical energy. I take this concept and put it on a bike so when you rotate the back wheel the motor turns the mechanical energy from the tire spinning and converts it into electrical energy.


My sample dc motor which I’m using to generate volt/current can generate 3 millivolts DC to 1-volt DC but this mostly depends on how fast its shaft moves. This generated volt is used to charging my portable battery which can be used to light up the light bulb and operate a fan.

People use bicycles very frequently in the under-developing country as they have a less and expensive resource of transportation. At sometimes they also struggled in their routine life after work as electricity and other necessity associated with it, usually unavailable for them, especially in rural/remote areas.

So if this was at its actual size (with a 1hp motor attached to it) people can restore electricity in a battery while using their bicycles and use it to power their homes' essential needs.


In conclusion, the electro bike can save developing countries lots of money because it is a cheaper method of getting electricity, and it is not only limited to bike form if the population is unable to bike they can attach the wind blades turning it into a windmill. It can also be turned into a hydro turbine (generated electricity through water flow). In the end, it is a great way to produce energy for people who don't have access to it.


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I would like to acknowledge my dad because he has a Technical degree and knows about this kind of stuff and he made sure I understood the topic.