Mental illness

My project is about Mental illnesses and it talks about the different types Mental illnesses, how they occur, why they occur, and cures to them
Wania Shakeel
Grade 6




 Mental illnesses are associated with distress and problems in socializing, work, family activities, and just normal everyday activities in general.  It impacts your physical health and mental health meaning, loss of focus, unorganized, and not taking care of your health, etc. Some mental illnesses occur from abnormal functioning of nerve cell circuits that connect in particular areas of the brain. Nerve cells within these brain circuits communicate through chemicals called neurotransmitters. One big cure for many mental illnesses is Antidepressants (medicine).



   I think that mental illness is a very important topic and we have to do more research about it. It is important because many people suffer from this and it is not a joke; it is a serious matter. There are lots of cases of teens, kids, celebrities, and adults, that are going through these illnesses, and there are many people who have committed suicide as a result (celebrities, teens, kids, and adults). This shows you that no matter how old or how young, or how wealthy you are, mental illness can happen to anyone because anyone can feel these emotions. This is a topic that rarely gets brought up and not many people care to learn. So it is our job to educate and talk more about this topic. So in conclusion, my hypothesis was correct. Mental illnesses can affect your emotions and they can happen to anyone (even you...and sometimes people do not realize it). So I want you to go home and really give it a thought & help these people out however you can.

Thank you for listening. I hope you have a wonderful day!

By: Wania Shakeel