one of the universes greatest mysteries, black holes

this is my research project about black holes. here i will tell you about how a black hole is formed, what happens if you fall into a black hole, some more facts about black holes, and what i think happens inside a black hole.
Charlotte Maher
Grade 6


My reaserch and experiment are trying to answer two questions:

1. how are black holes formed

2. what would happen if you fell into a black hole.


I simulated the collapse of a star using a latex balloon covered in tinfoil that i then " collapsed" by squishing it down three times after I punctured the balloon inside. each time a measured the balloons weight and circumference to see what would happen to the mass.


I started by conducting background research using internet sources. I focused on understanding how black holes are formed and what they do.  After I got  those main questions done, I started looking into the fine details like, how long does a black hole live, what happens to a black hole overtime, and how many stars turn into black holes. I was also interested in what black holes look like, so I did some research looking for images of black holes.

After I got the first question done, I moved on to the second part of my question: what would happen if you fell into a black hole. I started by getting the general idea of what would happen, then I went into all the fine details, like what its called when your body reatctes to the gravity, and then, based on my research, I thought up of my own theory of what happens inside a black hole. After that, I did some research on interesting facts about black holes so I could fully understand them. That is how I did my research.





Background research data

  • The center of a star is very dense, so when it explodes, it collapses in on itself, creating the black hole.

  • A black hole creates an event horizon when formed, which is the boundry that once you cross, you cant escape the black hole.

  • A very big black hole can live 10 to the 100th power years.

  • the gravity of a black hole is so dense that not even light can escape.

  • when you fall into a black hole, your entire perception of time and space changes completly.

  • because of the intense amounts of gravity, if you fall into a black hole, you will be stretched out like a noodle.

  • scientists call this spaghettification

  • black holes over time eventually evaporate

  • some stars are too small to explode, so they become stellar remnants called white dwarves.

Data from Experiment

measurment 1- prior to collapsing

  • weight:26 grams
  • circumference: 63 cm

measurment 2- after collapsing a bit

  • weight:26 grams
  • circumference: 51 cm

measurment 3- after collapsing a bit more

  • weight:26 grams
  • circumference: 42 cm

measurment 4- after fully collapsing

  • weight:26 grams
  • circumference: 19 cm


My experiment and research lead me to several conclusions: 

1. based on my experiment I conclude that the mass of a star stays the same right after it collapses. But my research leads me to conclude that over time it gains mass as it sucks things in. Over a long period of time a black hole eventually evaporates.

2. Nobody actually knows what happens inside a black hole. But scientists think that if you fall into a black hole, you will get stretched out like a noodle, and your entire perception of time and space will change completly.

3. While I can't prove this, i think that inside a black hole we will not only be stretched out like a noodle, but be streched every way, pancake horizontal, you name it.

4. A black hole is formed when a star explodes. Because it has such a dense center, it collapses in on itself, and that is what creates the black hole.


Deirdre Cooksley, who helped me with all my questions, and helped me when i got stuck.

All my friends for encouraging me about this project.