How Wi-Fi affects plants growth ?

Our project is about How Wi-Fi affects plants and their growth.
Neha Jabbal Shnaya Sandhu
Grade 6


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If our plants are kept close to a wifi source/route then the plants will die, smell bad and not grow fully because the wifi radiation wifi gives off a negative impact on plants. I think our plant will not grow fully and its leaves will get rotten, and I also think the stem will turn weird colours. Due to the plant dying I think it will give off a bad smell. I think this because due to our research if producers such as trees and plants are kept close to wifi radiations they will develop a 'lead-like shine on their leaves which was probably caused by the upper and lower epidermis. (we have explained what epidermis means in our researches tab.)Due to lead-like-shine which leads to the death of the upper and lower epidermis, our plant will eventually result in parts of the plant die such as the ones I wrote at the very top. Same for the plant 2-3 meters away from the wifi source/route. And the one 6-7 meters away will live.



Wifi is a wireless network stream that gives out radio waves. Radio waves are a form of radiofrequency radiation that sends electric and magnetic fields throughout the air similar to cellphones, tablets, laptops, computers, Bluetooth speakers, and basically any devices that use wifi to operate. Wifi radiations can sometimes be very dangerous and harmful. Recherches have shown that wifi radiations can cause side effects such as oxidative stress, calcium overload, cellular DNA damage, sperm, and testicular damage, neuropsychiatric effects as well as egg changes, apoptosis, and endocrine. These effects can be caused by radio waves and being exposed to microwave frequency,(Microwave frequency is a form of EMFs which is short for electric and magnetic fields.)A microwave is also a form of electromagnetic radiation, they are electric and magnetic particles moving throughout the air of space. The epidermis is a huge MUST to plants and trees. The epidermis is the outermost,protodern-derived layer of cells covering the plant's stem, root, leaf, fruit, seeds, and flower. It is a waxy cuticle that has a protective barrier that protects parts of the plant. So due to the epidermis, we thought that it might protect our plants from wifi radiations. 


We will have 3 plants. And they will be bought at the same height and an equal amount of water would be poured into them for 9 days. They will be the same species of plants and have the type of soil. The only thing different about the three plants is that the first one is behind our wifi source/route and the second one will be 3 meters away from our wifi source/route and the last one will be about 6-7 meters away from our wifi source//route. All the plants will have the same amount of water, soil, sunlight. Everything is equal.


1) We gathered all our materials such as 3 identical plants and a wifi source/router 

2)We place our plants in places where there is an equal amount of sunlight, shade airflow and basically everything a plant needs will be equal to our plants. Except for one thing which is the distance of wifi away from our plants. Our plants will be kept far and close distance from our wifi source/router.

3) We make sure that our plants are all 0,3,6-7 meters away from our wifi source/router ( we use a meter stick to be exact)

4) We make observations and take multiple pictures of our plants every day for continuous 9 days 

5)And as we wait for our 9 days to be done we work on our recherche hypothesis etc.




See Attachments for Photos 1, 2 and 3.



The hypothesis was mostly right(close). Because the plants that were kept close to our wifi source/route had a negative impact on the plants. But it did not have a bad smell instead it smelled like nothing. And the leaves have not gone rotten instead they are dying(mostly died), they are not at that stage yet. The plant 2-3 meters away from the wifi source/route is dying about 70% died and 30% alive. The plant that is about 6-7 meters away from our wifi source/route is still alive. So the hypothesis was mostly right.

Next time we should have added a plant that is downstairs and one outside because we learned that wifi waves spread all around the house, it is just how much the plant gets. And one outside because then it would have even fewer wifi waves than anywhere in the house.


Our experiments will help people because lots of people are fond of growing plants, and plants are very important to us and they provide us with lots of stuff. all though people might be having problems such as not being able to grow those plants as properly. And they might not know what causes this to happen. So our experiment shows that wifi does reduce the growth of plants. Now that people know this and know that this is true because of our experiment they will make an effort of keeping their plant away from wifi so it grows properly and get a good amount of nutrients.

Sources Of Error

Some of the problems we ran into were trying to find spots that provide us an equal amount of sunlight, airflow, etc. But we ended up finding the perfect spot. We also had some trouble with some weather changes, we expected the weather to be sunny for our 7 days but during days 3 and 4 our plants did not get the amount of sunlight they got the other days. (There was the sun that day but it was behind the trees)Next time we will for sure find a spot that has no trees covering the energy sources.



The people who helped us were Megha Sandhu, Karan Sandhu Jaspreet Jabbal, Naginder Jabbal, Chapreet Saudal. Our names are Neha Jabbal, Shnaya Sandhu. Megha Sandhu(Shnaya's mom) and Jaspreet Jabba l( Neha's mom) helped us with any problems, Naginder Jabbal(My dad) helped us with where we should put the plants. And Chapreet Sandal helped us be buying the plants, Karan Sandhu (Shnaya's dad) helped us with Ideas and buying suplies.