The Classroom Helper

My project is meant to help students in the classroom. My project is an online reference for many different things. Students can have a word defined, learn about a country, have the program tell you a joke, or have you tested on math facts.
Charlotte Ambrose
Grade 5


I want to write a program  that students can use in the classroom.

I want my program to help learning, make life easier, and help students have fun.


1. I thought of things I wanted my program to do. I brainstormed many ideas and decided on five.

2. I completed research into how I could make my program do what I wanted it to do. I did research through wikipedia, and's help documents. My Dad also helped me.

3.  I started writing and testing the small pieces of code one by one. Once a function was working we added it to my main program.

4. I  made my powerpoint (it is a video).


I was successful in writing my code and making my video.

I was able to make it so I could share my program. To get access to my program, you will have to email me at

Once you email me I will give you access to try it as soon as I can.


I was able to plan, design, and make a program that students can use in the classroom. I met my goals because my program can help students have fun by telling them a joke, help their learning by testing them on math facts, telling them about a country, and helping them define words. My program helps students stay organized by having a to-do list. 


I'd like to say a BIG thanks to my Dad who helped me with my coding, and the "powerpoint" (better known as the video!). Also thank you to Mrs. Clark  who signed me up for science fair, and Ms. Ferguson who looked at my work and made sure it was good.