Flower Power

I place three white flowers in three test tubes. Each test tube has different color of food coloring in it. I wait for two days and begin the process of transpiration.
Mehvish Rabbi
Grade 5


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Water can overcome the force of gravity using evaporation.


How it Works
Most of the water that a plant takes in through its roots, evaporates back into the air through its petals and leaves. Water evaporates through tiny pores and creates space for more water to rise from below. This is called transpiration. So when you put the flowers in the water, you started the process of transpiration. (which made the flower petals change color). Everday the thirsty flower will absorb more and more color.

What Exactly Does Transpiration mean?
Transpiration is the process of water movement through a plant and evaporation from aerial parts. Like leaves, flowers, and petals. Aerial means, something exsisting, happening, or operating in the air.


The variables for my project are amount of color used, number of days, amount of water, and color on the flowers. 
Independent variables:  amount of color used, number of days, and amount of water.
Dependent variables: color on the flowers.


Day 0 (7:00 pm)
 I fill the beaker half way with water, then, I pour the water into the test tubes. Next, I put 5-8 drops of red, yellow, and blue food coloring in each of the test tubes, and then, I take 3 white flowers and cut the stem off to be 6 inches long. I put the three flowers and place them in. each test tube. Lastly, I let the flowers set overnight to see what happens.


On the day after we did the project, (day 1) we took a photo at 7:00 pm. Though, the flower had gained a bit of color. More than yesterday. It was not completly white. On day 2, we took the photo at 9:30 am. The flower was colored much more than the other day, and I could tell the water from the test tubes were evaporated. ( NOTE - the longer you leave the flowers in the water the more color they earn.)


My project turned out well, it soaked up a bit of water which caused the flower to absorb more color each day. I got information such as, why is transpiration used? Flowers use transpiraton to cool themsleves down absorbing the water through their roots and release water as vapor into the air. Where does all the water that a plant takes in come from? Underneath the earths surface, there is over a thousand times more water in the ground than is in all the world's rivers and lakes.


My project is a way of explaining how transpiration works and a way of presenting how water can overcome the force of gravity.


  • Plants can use transpiration as a method of cooling themselves.
  • If you were trying to measure how much water different flowers absorb everyday

Sources Of Error

1. Maybe I didn't add enough color or water to the test tubes so the flowers rarley get any color

2. Maybe if we bought dead flowers and it didnt take any of the water


My project was inspired from a Bill Nye science kit. It had a book that I used for information and materials for the project. I also used a small diagram that represent the process of transpiration using the kit as well. For my online research, I used Wikipedia and Google for information.

For the transpiration diagram in attachments, I got the photo from this link:


I had my mother help me with cutting the flowers and placing them in the test tube.