Improving the eyeglass frame

Innovating to improve the durability of eyeglass frames.
Udit Sharma
Grade 7


The function of this project is to innovate the eyeglass frame and allow more range of motion. The manipulated variable is the type of joint in the eyeglass frame. The type of joints that will be used as manipulation are the hinge joint and the ball-socket joint. The responding variable will be the range of motion.



  1. The traditional hinge joint allows the arm to only pivot 90 degrees, when impact occurs, the limited range of motion can cause the arm to break off the hinge. The ball and socket joint is capable of twisting and rotating freely when impact occurs causing the arm to be more resistant to torsion and impact at the location of the joint.
  2. Design a basic eyeglass frame in Autodesk Inventor using lines and sketches, then extrude according to the width required. Create a semi circular cavity where the traditional hinge joint would be. Of a slightly smaller diameter than the socket, create a ball connected to the joint part of the arm of the frame on both sides. This mechanism will form the ball and socket joint.
  3. The eyeglass frame designed in Autodesk Inventor will then be 3D printed using P.L.A plastic filament.


On impact, the socket was successful to dislocate with minimal damage, then reattach with low effort. The nose bridge of the prototype was very fragile as the width was too small. The nose bridge for the current prototype has been reinforced with toothpicks and arts and crafts glue and the design has been modified so that the nose bridge is wider.  




The objective of this project was to have more range of motion in the eyeglass frame. The traditional hinge joint should be replaced with a ball-socket joint as it can dislocate then reattach when large forces are applied. The current prototype joint performed as intended. While the joint was able to perform well, the nose bridge did not withstand forces very well causing it to break in the prototype. For the next iteration of the prototype, the nose bridge will be designed thicker for more reinforcement.



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