Potato Clock

The potato powers the clock
Faithful Keti
Grade 6


Can the potato power the battery?


How To Make

1. Carefully cut slits, one in each potato. ...

Now insert the nails, one into each potato, on the ends opposite the wires.

2.open up the battery compartment of the clock and remove the battery if needed. ...

3. Connect the wire from one potato to the positive terminal in the clock's battery compartment.



How ? A potato clock is powered by acid within the spud reacting with a positive and a negative electrode. When the reaction occurs, electrons flow between the materials, generating an electric current. The negative electrode, or anode.




  Potatoes are vegetables. They contain high amounts of vitamins, fibre, and starch. Potatoes give us energy. The fact that potatoes have energy plays a big part in their ability to give of electricity. Potatoes aren't electricity, but it can help power it


At the end it worked and the potato powered the clock


I would say that my sister (Believe Keti) and my brother (Shekinah Keti) helped me alot cause they know more about science then me.