It's Not Worth It - Exploring the dark realms of stress, depression and suicide among youth

Suicide, especially among the youth is rarely addressed and vaguely discussed in society these days, even though it is the second leading cause of death. We would like to dwell deeper into the core of this issue.
Natania Varghese Sophie Guan
Grade 6


Too many suicide cases are swept underneath the rug. Many think mental health issues and suicidal thoughts are cries for attention, but these are real problems that people deal with.  So Sophie and I decided to uncover all of the details of this growing concern. We hope that through our presentation, we are able to at least ignite a spark of interest to raise awareness of an expanding problem.


We researched things like what causes youth suicide, who is at risk, statistics and more. We collected our ideas through Google Scholar and researched data on mental health, bullying, and most importantly, youth suicide. We analyzed our data into graphs and took statistic rates from reliable websites.  We chose to research and analyze our data as such to bring across our point in the most time-efficient way. 


We researched everything from what youth suicide is to how to stop bullying. 

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This is primarily from online sources and past statistical and scientific research data.


The reason we chose this topic is to bring awareness to an ever-growing and life-threatening events of a dangerous issue, which may not seem important to everyone equally. Many think "Oh why should I care it's just a teenage phase and they make irresponsible choices anyways.” So we wanted to take on the challenge in doing this even though there is not sufficient information or research on this, and of course not an easy topic to discuss among people. 



We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge everyone who has been with us on this project:

- Our Teachers and School Science Fair Coordinators

- Our parents and family

-Our classmates for constructive feedback

 - Thanks to slide go for the amazing template and also a big thanks to Grammarly for helping us through with editing and putting this presentation together.