Molecules and atoms

what molecules are, atoms, different types of atoms
Shubham Shandilya
Grade 6


I did not understand how atoms and molecules create certain elements like H2O so I made my own element diagram to help me understand.


I start researching my data and right after I work on it and edit then publish it, if my data is wrong I restart.


There are many types of molecules and atoms but has anyone seen them? The reason I'm doing this is that people don't know the true reason for atoms and molecules nobody knows the different combinations of them. So I want to make sure people know the combinations and there true reasons we learn about them.


The information I gained with my project/pictures was really impressive. I learned that certain ways molecules and atoms are formed create certain elements. Like 2 Hydrogen and 1 Oxygen create H2O (water). Or 1 Carbon and 4 Hydrogen create CH4(methane). 


Well, this is everything I will be telling you about Molecules and atoms. You learned about types of atoms, types of molecules, what atoms are, what molecules are plus some pictures to give you some ideas. I also talked very little about Neutrons and protons. So this is all for now. Hopefully, you really liked my science fair project.


I would like to acknowledge my teachers who guided me along the way. Mr. Tackney and Mrs. Quraishi.