How does the nose effect how you taste

I am trying to figure out how the nose effects how you taste and what you can taste without your nose. I am achieving this by blindfolding family, plugging their nose and seeing if they can taste certain foods.
Alehya Waugh
Grade 6


If I blindfold my relatives but let them use their nose, then they will guess more accurately than letting them taste with their nose unplugged because they can use their nose to help them taste.



Manipulated: order of foods given to subjects

Controlled: Amounts of each food, type of each food, trails run, subjects

Responding: What each subject interpreted the food was/as


1) cut up pieces of fruit and veggies

2) blend each foods separately and pour into 5 different cups 

3) blindfold opponents and feed them pure while they plug their nose 

4) repeat but instead let them open their nose

5) repeat but blindfold and no plugging nose

*i'm doing purres to prevent texture memorization



Apple: what got apples flavor through was the little pices of skin and sweetness. Lots of people eat applesauce too, so contestants memorized the taste and guessed it right away!

Banana: the banana was a crazy,goey,pudding like texture and im guessing nobody eats blended bananaso I got alot of random guesses.

Carrot: What got carrots flavor through was the sweetness and chunks of carrots in the puree. One contestant guessed "chicken" so I think he was reffering to the carrot you have at thanksgiving and then the turkey.

Cucumber: I got alot of people sayying things like "this has no taste" and "what? water?!" which im not suprised because cucumbers are 97% water. 3 contestants said potato because they tasted the stach in the cucumber.

Lemon: everyone shaked and shudderd when I  gave them this! In the end they all agreed that thay tasted the acidic in the lemon and not the actual lemon thats why I got Lime and Grape fruit.



In the end my hypothosis was correct and contestants guessed more accurately when the used their nose to help them taste!


Sources Of Error

- I was originaly going to do pices of fruit but changed to purees to prevent texture memorization

- Some of the purees like the carrot were not fully blended so It gave the puree away 

-Not enough contestants because of covid and I could do a certian ammount of people



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