Covid-19 Vaccines

It's going to explain all about the COVID-19 vaccines and what are the ingredients in the COVID-19 vaccines.
Omar Ali
Grade 7


My problem is that are the Moderna and the Pfizer vaccines to this day effective for other people like do people need it.


For my science fair project, I conducted a research study on the misconceptions of the COVID-19 vaccines of North America and their true effectiveness. The reason I chose this topic is because many people have spread rumours and false information about the vaccine and ineffectiveness or wrong purpose due to their lack of knowledge or non-factual source of information (such as social media platforms). I too had a misunderstanding about the vaccines and was initially very confused on what it is and how effective it would be. My goals through this proect are to not only clear up any of these misconceptions and provide factual relevant information on what the COVID-19 vaccines really are, but also to educate people who may have "vaccine hesitancy" about the vaccine in general to be less scared. For example what the ingredients are in each vaccine (what is going into your body), what potential side effects to expect. what guidlines to abide by upon taking the vaccine and overall why they should take the vaccine. My hypothesis was that the COVID-19 vaccines would be the only cure for this world pandemic and by not taking them, we have no other option or hope of fighting off this world pandemic. To prove this, I came up with a series of questions which I researched through a number of verified online resources and answered. In the end, I discovered that I was in fact correct. The COVID-19 vaccines are 95% effective and are the only way to cure the virus.


-There are two types of vaccines that are currently available in North America; the Moderna Vaccine and the Pfizer Vaccine.

-Both vaccines have a 95% effective rate after two doses.

-According to the FDA guidelines of the Government of the USA, a vaccine must pass through 3 critical phases before being approved and available to the public. Phase 1 focuses on 20-100 healthy volunteers. Phase 2 looks at a few hundred volunteers. Finally, phase 3 tests on hundreds and even thousands of volunteers.

-The Pfizer Vaccine was tested on 43,661 volunteers before being approved and made public.

-The Moderna Vaccine was tested on 30,000 volunteers before being approved and made public.

-The time between the two Moderna doses is 28 days, each containing 100 micrograms of vaccine.

-The time between the two Pfizer doses is 21 days, each containing 30 micrograms of vaccine.

-The ingredients in the Pfizer vaccine vs the ingredients in the Moderna vaccine.

-Side effects are a sore arm, chills/temperature drop and nausea (all of which should go away within 2 days).

-Vaccine Hesitancy: reluctance or refusal to be vaccinated.

-It is still possible (with only a 5% chance) to get COVID after taking the vaccines (much higher chance however, without taking the vaccines).

-The youngest age group that the vaccine is being offered to is the Pfizer vaccine to 16 years and up. This is because children generally have a less developed immune system so the vaccines are still being tested on adults with a more developed immune system.

-Immunity from COVID-19 generally only lasts about 90 days and can be longer or shorter depending on the strength of your immune system.


-There are two types of vaccines that are currently available in North America; the Moderna Vaccine and the Pfizer Vaccine.

-Both vaccines have a 95% effective rate after two doses.




In conclusion, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are the safest and most-effective ways to prevent and protect you from COVID-19. In order to fight off this world pandemic, it is crucial for all citizens of the world to get the COVID vaccines. Although it is only 95% effective, we cannot rely on any other means of curing the world and should not focus on the unlikelihood of falling under the 5% ineffective category of people. This is because the vaccine has been tested on tens of thousands of healthy and diverse individuals and has proven to work. As long as you are healthy, the COVID-19 vaccine should work perfectly on you.


I would like to acknowledge my teachers for giving me amazing opportunity and answering all of my questions. I would also like to acknowledge my mother for giving me the idea to do this topic.