Masks A New Era

To design a more protective, cheap, breathable, and comfortable new mask.
Youssef Badawy
Grade 7



In masks the truth is that there is more cons to them than pros, many can agree. Some of the problems we come across in masks is that sometimes when wearing glasses they can fog up. Another example would be when wearing religious headscarves such as a hijab or a turban you usually have to use some sort of extension so you can jump this hurdle. Masks can also sometimes be itchy don’t always fit your face perfectly, they sometimes have gaps and can be very large in size. And currently; like it or not the reality is that masks are a part of our lives, they have become something we use on a daily basis. Usually when purchasing clothes you would like to get the best, comfortable clothing out there and the same thing for masks now. 

Table of Pros and Cons



Non-Medical disposable mask materials are often cheap.

Although there material may be cheap they also sometimes are sold for expensive prices during pandemics like the one we currently are in.


Non-Medical masks can’t be worn for various religions such as Islam, Sikh etc.  


Can contract small visible and microscopic bacteria to the mask such as hair, tiny particles, food crumbs etc.


Has gaps so is not fully protective to humans from viruses and harmful bacteria.


When wearing glasses masks can be annoying since the glasses will have fog on them that you can’t see through.




Method #1

To make this mask a reality I had to find the right materials for it. My main focus was the type of fabric I was to use while making the mask. The fabric that met my main requirements (cheap, breathable, and protective) was the same material used in some surgical masks. Although I didn’t entirely get rid of all the cons I had, (Can contract small visible and microscopic bacteria to the mask such as hair, tiny particles, food crumbs etc.). However during my research I found out that surgical masks are almost like a wall or a barrier between what is on the outside and what is on the inside. For example if there is some sort of hair as I mentioned earlier on the outside of my mask, then it won’t necessarily affect my mask. 

Method #2

Now that I had found my fabric, it was time to find the type of tape I was looking for, during the procedure I used medical tape from the company of “3M Nexcare”. I used it because it met almost all of my obligations, it was flexible, stretches, bends, strong, and has pain free removal. However I had 3 types of medical tape: A.) The first one was very thin and couldn’t really meet my needs and was made from plastic. B.) The second one was also made from plastic so I couldn’t use it either. C.) The last one though didn’t mention that it was made with plastic but it did say that it had pain free removal and was made with no latex just like the mask so that was good. Now it was time for me to assemble my mask, since I knew the medical tape A, and B were going to fail or not suceed, I was going to test out tape C, and the here's how things went. The analysis explains and examines closely how things turned out to be. 



When I had made my “rough copy” mask, I hadn't thought of placing parchment paper behind the medical tape sort of like a band aid. The mask pretty much worked, but one problem I faced during procedure was that as I first attempted to place the tape in between the second and third filter the mask partially broke apart. However I was not too far into making of the mask, so I started all over and avoided doing so and similar things as well. I took precautions during my second try such as not cutting with scissors anywhere near the border which holds the mask filters together. After I had cut it in the way I needed I later placed the medical tape ( C )  I placed the parchment paper over top of the tape and used an adult’s help. I later got the finishing result, which is the photo.    




I was to help benefit our world with this mask, especially because it is a huge part of 8 billion people’s lives now. Also we have many problems with masks, I tried to solve as many as I could but, obviously it can’t be perfect so the mask has less cons and more pros. It worked because, even in the research that I have done, the people conducting the research tried to seal up the mask with duct tape to see what would happen. Sure enough I had done the same thing too, I had sealed up the mask but almost in an entirely different way. So not only had I made this mask smaller, more protective and disposal but I also had found out that it protects more. Since I obviously can’t test it out, it would make sense if the mask is protective since it is made from the same material as surgical masks. Above that it was also sealed shut to add more protection to the mask and to be flexible with all faces and sizes. I would like to see this idea applied to real-life because I believe that it can benefit the world greatley through these tough times. 




During the science fair procedure I uesd the help of some family members while making the mask itself and in advice. I also used the help of some trusted websites to collect information and data along with the help of some youtube videos from channels like bbc, and cbc etc.