I'm doing a project about the hyperloop. The hyperloop works with magnets levitating the capsule. Then they use very little force (another magnet or a fan) to push the hyperloop. The hyperloop can reach up to 700 kph because its levitating.
Ibrahim Ali
Grade 5


The hyperloop might sound like a fun and quick way to travel, but in reality its super dangerous and costly. Lining up magnets all over the track will take a lot of time and money since the hyperloop will travel a long distance and just one small mistake can kill the passengers.


For my model, I will use magnets on two wooden planks and the capsual will be a styrofoam with some carboard bent to fit on the to peices of wood. There are four magnets on the bottom of the capsul that will repel the ones on the wood. A fan will push the capsual along the two planks.


Hyperloops are the fastest way to travel on earth. When hyperloops was first conceived by Elon Musk in 2013, the idea was deliberately open-sourced and Elon Musk invited companies around the world to develop the hyperloop. Since then, billionaires, engineers and governments have competed to make the first working hyperloop system. This is the race to build the world's first hyperloop system.

 An Indian company called Virgin Hyperloop One is planning to make a hyperloop system from Mumbai to pune. The hyperloop will work like an ordinary train, you can find a gate for your destination from your phone. Then you get in a pod that then goes into a hyperloop. The hyperloop has a transporter base that has the pods, the transporter are the walls of the hyperloop. The two other circler walls are the airlocks which traps air for the passengers to breath. Because of the track distance, Virgin Hyperloop One is limited to 100 mph. Otherwise it can go 700 mph. The track is only 500 meters long. The hyperloop then stops at the next station, where the pods get off. There is a control center looking down on the station. The pods then go to the pod street on the other side from the control center. The pods go onto the pod street and go onto regular roads where cars also drive on and deliver people to their destinations.

Hyperloops works with Superconductors that had liquid nitrogen poured on them, once this happens the superconducter gets a magnetic attraction of reppelling and pulling at the same time so it levitates without filiping over. To move, a very little push by an electric compressor pushing air to the back moves it like a fan. Since there are no bumps while moving because it's levitating, the hyperloop can go to very high speeds easily.


For a ticket passengers only have to pay a small amount, but the tesla CEO calculates the total cost for the most advanced hyperloop project is $7.5 billion. That's for passenger plus pedestrian version, the passenger-only edition costs $6 billion. Elon musk says the hyperloop will take about 20 years to build. 


Because of all the promblems, in the end its gonna be rare for the hyperloop to come to real life. Even if it does come to real life, its gonna be rarly used. Its also gonna cost a lo to build but the passengers only have to pay a small amount to ride it and since its dnagourse and gonna be rarly used they are not gonna be able to pay or all the stuff they bought.


websites/videos:,inside%20would%20perish%20almost%20instantaneously,%246%20billion%20and%20%247.5%20billion (I got the imformation from the video)


My dad helped me with the model and with how the hyperloop works and my big sister told me where to put stuff for the fist 2 sections.