What is at the Bottom of the Ocean?

My project is about the creatures at the bottom of the ocean and the explorations that took place to discover those creatures.
Haris Mohammed
Grade 7


What is at the Bottom of the Ocean?


I used the internet to find out about the details and information about my project. I read articles and watched videos about my topic. I collected all my information into one document and then converted that information into google slides. I added pictures to help explain  more about my topic.


- Challenger Deep is the deepest part of the ocean. It is located inside the Mariana Trench.

- Water is heavy, and the Challenger Deep has lots of water in it.

- Any submarine that tried to go down there would instantly be crushed from the weight of the water.

- Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh were the first people to go to the Challenger Deep.

- The submarine that they used was called the Trieste. Piccard made the submarine with the help of his father.

- They saw nothing at first and they were disappointed.

- They then saw weird creatures living on the ocean floor. They saw animals such as vampire squids, jellyfish, holothurians, amphipods and much more!

- They explored a bit more and then they rushed back to the surface to tell the world about their discovery!


- Up until 2019, only 3 people had reached the very bottom of the ocean, Challenger Deep.

- Challenger Deep is 11, 035 metres below sea level.

- Mount Everest is 8848 metres above sea level.

- You can fit Mount Everest inside of Challenger Deep, and then you would still have room for another mountain.

- The journey to Challenger Deep is aboout 11 kilometres and takes about 5 hours.

- Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh went down to Challenger Deep on January 23, 1960.

- The submarine that they used had 5 inch thick steel walls to resist the pressure.


- Ever since the first journey to Challenger Deep, humans have become more curious than ever.

- More expeditions are being led down to Challenger Deep.

- We now know a little bit more about the ocean and the creatures inside of it than we did before.

- In the future, technology will grow, and so will our knowledge about the ocean.


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I would like to thank my parents for helping me with my research.

I would also like to thank my science fair coordinator for answering any questions I had.