Distilled water experiment

Creating a way where we can turn filthy water into clean water using the sun.
Mariam Badawy Mayar Hamid
Grade 5


Our hypothesis is that the water will be filtered after being in the process of sitting in the sun for 7 days because the water will evaporate to the plastic wrap and fall into the smaller container. Once the evaporation process is finished the clean water will be separated from the dirt and grass. Once the process is complete the water should be clear and drinkable.



Distillation is the process of removing substances from a liquid by using boiling. Distillation can remove things from a liquid such as: Viruses, fungi, bacteria and other chemicals. Distilled water is safe to drink but it very different from filtered water.  


Is distilled water safe to drink?

Yes, it's safe to drink but you might not like the taste because it’s flatter and less flavorful than tap water. Companies make distilled water by boiling water and then condensing the collecting steam back into a liquid. Some sources say that drinking distilled water will improve your health others claim distilled water could put your health at risk. None of them are completely true. It depends on where you live and how harmful the water is.  

Is boiled water the same as distilled water?

No, boiled water is just water that has reached its boiling point. Distilled water, however, has all of its impurities removed. Boiled water is free from microorganisms but still contains mineral salts, like calcium. 

What are the benefits of distilled water?

Distilled water gets rid of all the bacteria and in the water since it evaporates and turns back to a liquid. it is clean and natural and you can safely drink it as it is the purest type of water .it is also healthy and good for your body.

The history of water filters

Water filtration goes back 4000 years. In the third and fourth-century people purify their water by boiling it, heating it in the sun or submerged hot iron into it.

 Water filtration changed very little until 1627 when Sir Robert Bacon made changes with sand filtration to separate salt from seawater. 






We do not have variables because we are not comparing anything.



Pour polluted water into the aluminum pan -  Place the glass bowl in the centre of the tin - Cover the tin with plastic wrap - Secure the plastic wrap with a rubber band - Place a stack of coins in the centre - Let it sit in the sun


We realized that the water would freeze if we put it outside and there was no sun because it is winter so we put it in the furnace room. It did not work because there was no light but only heat.


The experment did not work because of in winter the  the sun is not  strong  eongh so the water did not evapurate.We tried heating it in differnt ways it did not work .Also putting a light blub on top of it would take a long time to  for the water to evapurate.










In conclusion, the experiment did not work due to the season. Not only was it cold outside but there was also no sun for the evaporation process to happen. The other reason why it did not work is that we needed a sort and heavy bowl but we did not have one short enough to fit. 



We can use this knowledge to fillter water in emergencys were there is no clean water around.We can also use it to make distilled water at home and to filtter water without using electricity.

Sources Of Error


In the first experiment, the smaller bowl started to float. We fixed that by switching the plastic bowl to a heavier bowl that way it does not float. After we started to put the plastic wrap on the bowl. Then we left it outside, the problem was that the plastic wrap got dirty water on it so it did not work. we had to change the plastic wrap.


After we started to put the plastic wrap on the bowl. Then we left it outside, the problem was that the plastic wrap  got dirty water on it so it did not work.we had to change the plastic wrap .


This one was most effective error this one was there was not enough sunlight to evaporate the water since we are in winter and the sun is not as strong, however we can't change that one.