Blazing Night Lamp

My idea is to make a night light that has 2 different types of colors that are best for sleeping. Then I will try it out at night to see what the best color for sleeping is and also see if night lights are good for sleeping.
Angad Sahota
Grade 6


Somtimes at night my brother finds it hard to sleep in the dark. Even if he uses a night light its still hard for him to sleep because either the brightness is too low or too high. Even the color of the night light does not seem right to him. So i decided to redesign and make a better night light with a good color for sleeping and right level for brightness.


My Method was that I designed my own night light on a piece of paper. After my design was completed I started to work on building my night light. I asked my dad for a rechargeable battery, and four LED lights. Then I got 2 switches out of my tool box and 6 -15 wires. Then I also took a fuse brick to make sure nothing got shorted out while the night light is on. Then I took a cardboard box lid and poked 3 holes in it. Next I put the lights in and hot glued them to the lid. Then I put the battery cradle in. Finally it's wiring time. So I put the battery + to the fuse brick on one side. Then 2 wires coming out of the fuse brick on the other side going to the + in on the switches. Then 2 + out wires coming from the switches to the + on the lights. Connect one switch + out, going to the positive on the red lights. (make sure all the red lights + and - are looped to gether meaning it is only 2 wires. 1 + and one -). Next connect + out from second switch to the blue light + . Now put - from the battery to the red lights. Next wire in the blue light - to the red light -. Now your - of all lights is connected to the battery. Now wire in 2 more wires in to the - of the red lights. Now put one of those wires to the ground of the red light switch. This will allow the light on the switch to work as it is toggled. Do the same to the blue light switch. Also this is only if you have a switch with a light. Most switches do these day but some don't. And that's it you have a night light.


At the end, everything worked out great. The light was up and running. The battery is really good. It can last up to 48 ours in total. The best color my brother found for sleeping was red. Just like I predicted. Everything runs smoothly. One thing I figure I can add is more different colour lights. That way you will be able to experience more colours at one time. Other than that everything is good.


At the end of this project, I am very happy the way everything worked out. It was very fun putting everything from scratch to a night light. It was an amazing experience. I also have learned a few things as I was building this. And that is how to wire to switches to to separate lights but keep the power directly to the battery.



My bibliography is below. These are the sites I used to find some background knowledge on how to keep a battery safe. 

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A big thanks to my dad. He's the one, who first introduced me to the world of engineering and electronics. To this day everything I know about engineering and electronics it's because of him. He's  one who taught me everything I know about engineering and electronics. He's the one who supplied me every thing I need to make this project happen. Thanks Dad