Hot Socks

My project is about a design I created to improve sock's ability for heat insulation.
Toby Allan
Grade 9


How do I make warmer socks for feet?


  1. Heat water (500 mL) to 36 degrees celsius
  2. Pour 500 mL of the heated water into two identical water bottles each
  3. Place one water bottle into custom sock pocket and place the other in the sock being tested against
  4. Place both socks into the freezer
  5. Measure the temperature of each sock every 3 minutes and record the data for the duration of 15 minutes



In the first run of my experiment, my custom sock kept increasing the distance in thermal insulation qualities as time progressed. My custom sock was so overwhelming that I needed to modify my next experiment immediately. For the second chart, the temperature changes between the two socks was much closer than my first experiment. This is because I used the excess sock material on the opposing sock that hung on top of the water bottle to create two layers by folding it down. Although very close, my sock beat the opposing sock by a small difference.

In the first graph I performed the same setup as the second graph on the previous slide, but tested over a longer period of time. The second graph in this slide was me testing the thermal insulation properties of the wool I used in my sock compared to the opposing sock not double layered. I believe that the wool layer had a large drop in temperature in the second run because the run before this one and this run both used a sealing method for the wool that broke during the second run. The runs after were better at keeping the water warm because it was sealed differently from the first few times.


Finally. A sock that suits my needs. A sock that can keep my feet warm while I take a walk in my neighborhood. A sock that surpasses those “high quality” winter socks you buy from sporty brands. I can sleep at ease knowing that my feet will stay warm the next day with my sock design. The layers, materials, and the testing all come together to prove my sock’s overwhelming advantage in thermal insulation over socks on the market today. Today is a new day, people, for I have made history! With my groundbreaking developments in sock design, I can revolutionize the sock market! We no longer need to worry for our feet, as we have socks that actually keep them warm!



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Thank you Mom for helping me sew my sock.

Thank you Mr. Wiens and Mrs. Armitage for editing my research paper.

Thank you Mrs. Burkell for being my science fair coordinator.