building a hovercraft and seeing how high it can go with limited material's
Avery Ludwig
Grade 5


We think that roughly 500 CFM will be enough to lift it off the ground but it will need some help. from a baggy hard plastic scert with six tiny holes in it. which helps with making the air pressure more spread out and let it build up and give it more power.



The air around us has weight and it presses down against anything. It is the force pulled on a surface by the air above it as gravity pulls to earth air pressure is normally measured with a barometer. an atmosphere is a unit of measurement. the same to the normal air pressure at sea level. At a heat of 15 degrees celsius one atmosphere is 29.92 inches of mercury. When you are climbing high mountains the air pressure decreases which makes less oxygen to breath at extremely high altitudes the air pressure gets so low that people can get sick and dieFriction is a force created by rubbing 2 things together. friction almost always works in the opposite direction of whatever object you're moving. Friction always tries to slow the object you're moving. The amount of friction you get depends on what material. the rougher material you use the more friction you get. But the smoother the material you use the less friction you get. Did you know friction can produce heat? By quickly rubbing your hands together it makes heat. Friction can be pretty useful in our everyday lives. friction is the reason we can walk if there was no friction in the world we wouldn’t be able to drive or run or walk without skidding or slipping. Sometimes people want to reduce friction for things such as for example people use oil to help prevent as much friction in a car engine.Gravity is a force that draws anything to the earth's center. gravity is the force that lets earth orbit around the sun. If you ever ask yourself the question why do I land on the ground every time I jump? That is because of gravity. gravity is an invisible force that pulls objects together or towards the earth's core. Anything that has weight is controlled by gravity. the heavier the object the more gravity it has. Gravity also gets weaker with distance the closer the object is the more gravitational force there is. Earth's gravity comes from its weight or mass. all the earth's weight makes a combined gravitational force.Friction is a force or the resistance of a motion when one object rubs against another whenever two objects rub together they cause friction friction works against the motion and acts the opposite direction. The amount of friction depends on what materials that each surface is made of the rougher the object the more friction is produced. For example when you push a book on a carpet you have to work harder than having to push it against concrete because there is more friction between the carpet and the book than there is between the wood floor and book. One kind of friction or resistance is air resistance. Air resistance occurs between the surface of a falling object and the air that surrounds it and it also works to slow the rate at which the objects fall.



Responding variable


Controlled Variables 

The size of the hole where the leaf blower was.

Where we test it. use the same leaf blower. Same kind of wood. Same kind of plastic. And the same tape.

 Manipulated Variable


                       How many holes in the plastic.




We are going to start off by cutting a hole in the plywood for the leaf blower then you cut out a piece of plastic a bit bigger than the board. You tape the piece of plastic around the edges to make sure it's airtight. Poke 50 tiny holes in the bagy piece of plastic make sure the holes are spread out evenly. Put the leaf blower in the hole and start it.





When the hover board leaf blower was on, I smelled dust and saw dust coming out of the hover board air bag holes. I heard the leaf blower and noticed the hole for the leaf blower got bigger every time I put it in the hover board, The holes in the air bag got bigger when we turned the blower on high. 



In order for a hover craft to float it needs a large amount of air flow and a strong container to hold the air.  Just the the right amout of air pressure must be released for the hover craft to float, too much air being released will make it sink. The components of the project are plywood,duct tape, poly, and a leafblower. Although my hover craft does work, It will need more airflow to fully float.


My hypothesis was incorrect. I had too much CFM and it popped when the leaf blower was on high, I ended up only needing 115 CFM. The hover board did float, but needed way more holes to come off of the ground all the way.  





People can use our research to better understand gravity friction, air pressure and resistance to lift things off the ground.  


Sources Of Error

We have to get a stronger material for the bottom. we also need to secure the poly to the piece of wood better with staples so it doesnt pop.


I used national geographic on air pressure,BBC on friction and resistance and NASA kids on gravity


The people who helped are Tammie ludwig, Mike ludwig, Mr. Tomlinson, Tyson helm and Ryder romero.


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