what paints absorb the most light?

experimenting with different kinds of paint to see which ones absorb the most light (vanatblack, mit stuff)
Baron Gartner Nathaniel Goddard Hermanson
Grade 6


what paints absorb the most light?


- find the different types of blackest blacks

- find the light absorbtion of the different materitals 

- compare the light absorbtion

- note down results


black 2.0

black 3.0 

vanta black 

Action labs

mit carbon nano tubes



With all of the research done, the 5 blackest blacks are here

The 5th blackest  black 2.0 which is a paint on kickstarter that absorbs 95% of light

The 4th blackest black is black 3.0 by the samn company and make as the black 2.0 but absorbs 98% of light

The 3rd blackest black is vantablack by Surrey naosystems and it absorbs 99.965% of light

The 2nd blackest black is Action lab's material that is blacker than vantablack absorbs 99.9923% of light

And the true blackest black is MIT's black that absorbs 99.995%of light!


Video 1
This is a video we used for reserch

Video 2

This too!

Video 3

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3


our parents for shemying us to work on it and helping us