Mental effects of Covid-19

We know that Covid-19 has taken a toll on us, but how many of us and how serious is it? What are some factors as to what is causing us to be mentally ill? What exactly is depression, anxiety and stress? Find out the answers to these questions right here!
Claudia Gimon-Lopez Shanzay Jamal
Grade 5


What are the mental effects of Covid-19? 


  1. Identify the problem
  2. Create a hypothesis
  3. Observe the situation
  4. Research the existing data
  5. Analyze the data and the situation
  6. Create conclusions
  7. Make the presentation



These mental health problems include depression, bad sleep quality, poor cardiovascular function and impaired immunity for all ages. A recent survey reveals Covid-19 is having a greater negative impact on the mental health of women (62%) compared to men (49%). As to what Canadians feel is contributing to their mental health challenges, a majority of the people blame social isolation (66%).

For children with mental health needs, school closures means a lack of access to the resources they usually have through school. In a survey by a mental health charity called Young Charity, which included around 2111 participants, up to age 25 years with a mental illness history, 83% of the participants said that the pandemic had made their conditions even worse..

For people who attend university, they can be facing many problems and challenges. For example, they can find the uncertainties of whether or not they will take their exams this year  stressful, and those who work a part-time job will also feel stressed because their jobs will most probably have been shut down or closed. They can be feeling anxiety and depression as well, because they might have been worried about their health and their loved one’s health. They can also be mentally ill because of not interacting with people, and concerns for their academic performance.


The standard estimate for May from analysts was that Canada would lose another 500,000 jobs, and the unemployment rate would go up 15%. 

But rather, it went the other way, adding another 290,000 jobs in May.     

 Nevertheless, what happened in March, with the loss of 1,000,000 jobs, was devastating. It also repeated in April, with the loss of 2,000,000 jobs. We have only recovered about 10% of what was lost. 

Even as the economy added jobs, the unemployment rates went up. More people were looking for work, pushing Canada to a new all-time high of 13.7%. About 80% of the job gains were in Quebec

We all know that Covid-19 can affect numerous people, but how many?

Covid-19 has affected 829k,  773k have recovered and 21,354 have passed away in Canada. 

  • Close-contact settings where you can't keep 2 metres apart from each other
  • Settings where there's singing, shouting or heavy breathing (for example, during exercise)
  • Crowded areas


Are all spaces were you can be exposed to Covid-19

According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, “Depression is more than twice as prevalent in young women than men (ages 14–25 yr), but this ratio decreases with age. Indeed, starting at puberty, young women are at the greatest risk for major depression and mental disorders globally.”





Our hypothesis was correct because, according to our research, Covid-19 is a factor in all these symptoms: depression, anxiety, and stress, and all of the various causes do play a massive role in these mental illnesses.


We acknowledge that my (Shanzay's) aunt, uncle, and mother helped give her an idea for the project. We also recognize that Ms. Lai had helped us a lot in working out all of the problems and uncertainties in creating the project (Thanks Miss Lai!). I (Shanzay) want to finally give Claudia some credit for helping me throughout the process of the science fair and being a great friend. 


I (Claudia) want to thank everyone, especially Shanzay, for supporting me and our idea. I would like to give Shanzay some credit  and claps because she helped me outside and inside of school, and she helped this project come to life! And Miss Lai too! She helped us with our (millions) of questions and supported us so much!